Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Factoring the price-point form

So I haven't written my next big chapter in the Virginia chronicles. I'm back to those 80-hour weeks. When I'm finally in repose, I have been choosing to spend time with my girl or play music, which is cool.

Plus I got an iPhone. It's the coolest thing in the history of the universe. I was tempted to post this rant with the phone, but I actually broke away from it long enough to use a real computer for once. Plus this is a lot to write on a phone.

Anyway, so, because I have that phone, I've been reading a lot of threads over at the forums to see how others are adapting the thing into their lives and comparing it to other phones and finding tips and tricks and crap. In the process, I have come across two phrases that suck:

• "Form factor"
• "Price point"

Both of theses phrases are stupid. If you say them, you are dumb and a tool. In any situation where you might say "form factor," you can just say "form," or even "size" or "design." It works just fine and sounds less retarded. Try it. Saying "form factor" just makes you look like a wannabe tech-savvy douche.

The same redundancy and dork issues arise with "price point." You can just say "cost," or even "price," dumbasses.