Thursday, November 30, 2006

You thought I was dead, didn't you?

No way. And merry Christmas and all that, too, from both me and Santa in a bathtub sleigh with a sack full of sink parts.

I get asked to do some weird things sometimes, but that one was fun. Thought I'd share.

I also drew some weird trees. The story is that I was asked to rework a logo for a city agency. The city agency representatives weren't unhappy with the way the logo looked, it was just that all they had was a low-res compressed file of the thing and they weren't going to be able to print it very big if they were to ever want to do that. City agencies being what they are, the logo's design was indeed very "civic" in nature, so as I redrew the buildings and trees and whatnot, in vector format, I decided to Deanerize things a bit. Well, they decided the Deanery trees were a bit "Dr. Seussy," and they decided it was better for their purposes to stick with the original form of the trees.

So, I now have these trees for other things. Big things. You just watch.