Monday, September 11, 2006

Down in it

My enviable younger brother (no longer "little") has been tromping around in the Argentinian wilderness as he works on his doctorate in anthropology. He's been taking some astounding pics along the way.

So here's some things he's seen and snapped. Actually, some of these pics could be from a wetlands in Brazil. His travels in South America are extensive and I never know exactly where these exotic critters lay their hat.

Clockwise from top we have a toucan, a female caraya, a caiman and a great shot of a youngun' on a horse.

Man, I need to go back to school. Except that I don't think a fellowship to send a graphic artist to paradise would be forthcoming.

I can dream.

(Disclaimer: He's got some publishing rights in the works, so don't be nabbing his hard work off my blog and using them for profit. Of course, you would never do that, so why am I even saying it?)